MY military kids.

SO I took an extended vacation from the computer to just clear my head get rested before the school semester starts up again.

I just wanted to write today about Military Children. I have three of them, 9, 5, and 3. They are so resilient. My oldest as you all know is going through a lot with her rare illness. However she has kept her head up, she has to endure weekly injections of methotrexate, nausea, stiffness and pain. However she rarely complains. I am so impressed with her, she is amazing to me. She has been through the 4 deployments with me, when she was four she said "I am gonna sit right here on this step and wait for my dad to come home" that was when we were stationed in KS. Each year it gets harder, the 3rd deployment Samantha was born, the 4th deployment Brandon was only 1. I tell you they amaze me, the only thing is when their dad is late coming home, they get nervous and say "where is dad" is he back in Iraq? I can't imagine how that feels to them, as I never experienced that.


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