I won Branch Army Spouse of 2011

Just to let you all know I won Army Spouse for 2011 hosted by MilSpouse Magazine!!! It was an honor to be selected.

It would be such an honor to represent the military spouses around the world. There are so many spouses in all the branches who dedicate their time and lives to helping other spouses through deployments, grief and volunteering that it would be an honor to be able to represent such a distinguished group of people. I would like to show the world that military spouses (men and women) are a tough group of people; we are resilient and can handle just about anything thrown at us. Even though sometimes life can be difficult, we can adapt and overcome with the situation. Don’t sweat the small stuff; going through a deployment is a life-altering experience and you will do just fine. Remember, Dreams can’t come true unless you are having them.


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