WTF WEDNESDAY's : Military Pay raise really?

First of all, I really enjoy my life as an Army Wife but I am sick of all the folks trying to do what's best when they are as far away from reality as they can be.

Do these Senior Officials, President and US Congress know. They have aids doing their research for them. Ok this statement below bothers me!

"An Army private with no dependents earns on average $37,209, figuring in base pay, housing and food allowances, and pays no taxes on the allowances" 

There is something wrong with that statement, why would an ARMY Private (E3) with no dependents need housing allowances? Who ever is deciding that the military doesn't need a pay raise, is totally STUPID in their thinking..I thought Army Private with no dependents had to live in the Barracks..

I mean they want to compare civilian private sector jobs to military jobs. Can you tell me when a person in the private sector has to wear a "ruck" sack to work, or march around in it? Can you tell me when a private sector civilian goes to the Middle East to be shot at, or do a 36 hour mission? So that compares...

By the way, the housing that we are paying for is being SUCKED UP by the Private Housing Companies. Not to mention that I have a stove in my house, that could short out any time and catch on fire. Do they fix that? What about the mysterious children who have died here at Ft Bragg? Do they think about that? I mean I am just tired of all this fighting and bickering over military. It is no piece of cake, after 4 deployments and constantly being a single parent while my husband is away, missing holidays, illnesses etc...

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  1. It's easy for people who aren't in the military, not married into the military, or have never been in the military to make stupid statements like that. They have absolutely NO idea what it's really like.


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