What do I think about E Investigates Military Wife Special?

In my opinion, I watched it, and I just don't know. I have alot of mixed feelings. I am so proud of them for talking about PTSD, because that sure does hit close to home for me. I am not sure what I was expecting, however I was thinking it just showed the military in a bad light, not all soldiers come home with PTSD or a TBI.

Again it was good they are shedding light on PTSD but I was thinking that this show was about more of the good stuff we as military wives go through. I don't know why the media, always has to show the bad sides, you know when I was in the Fayetteville Observer, that newspaper made me out to be a money hungry gold digging tramp. When in actuality they left out key parts of the story, they would talk about a story but then leave out the MOST IMPORTANT PART, that showed how I overcame my problem and how independent I became as a result of that.

I was so ready to see something different I guess maybe I just see PTSD more often than civilians. There is alot more to military women, how about showing a strong, independent woman, who has been thrown in there for the duration of a deployment not knowing what to expect then succeeding in life as a parent, wife, mother. The challenges of dealing with things on your own.

Now I don't agree with some spouses who have posted about not seeing military spouses who are volunteers of the year, I think those are the spouses we need to see, as a role model, someone to look up too. We often read about the spouses who cheat or leave their families.

I can just let you know that I am more worldly now because of being a military wife! I have met different cultures and I love it! I have made new family traditions because of all the different people I have met. I am a better person because of that. 


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