This past weekend was a whirlwind!

So this past weekend was a little hectic, let's rewind to last Wednesday. My son who is 3 (and doesn't go to school or day care, got strep throat) so Thursday we take him to the doctor. My son was running a crazy high fever and throwing up! GREAT! So automatically I worry that my oldest is going to get sick because she is on auto immune suppressant medication. So Friday I take both my girls to the peditrician, because the middle daugther was complaining of her throat and ears, and my oldest was wheezing and having an asthma flare up. So the doc clears them and tells me if she gets worse to bring them in on Monday. Well we get my son's fever under control, and off to Greensboro we go. It is my Institute of Political Leader Graduation weekend. YEA~ 10 weeks of traveling to different places and doing different things to learn about politics and campaigns. So we finally get here with the graduation! Well Saturday gets here and it was nice! I am an official fellow of IOPL. So I get to go home and relax with my kids, mom and grandmother! We stay until Sunday because I was guests of the Carolina Theater and we got tickets to have Tea with Clara and see the Nutcracker Ballet. My girls LOVED it...especially the Tea with Clara. So have a busy week from finishing up finals, to finishing up my campaign plan to having a wonderful evening at the ballet with my girls!!!


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