My Tips for Holiday Entertaining

What would Christmas be with out cookies or cakes? Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I enjoy party planning, socializing with people and decorating. I have read some traditions that I am going to try this year which include having a Holiday High Tea, (the table should sparkle and filled with treats).

Simple Centerpiece, Buy a garland of greenery (available at garden centers) to run down the length of your table. Send your kids out to collect pinecones, and use them as rustic toppers.

Outdoor Decoration: For a subtle outdoor decoration, gather pinecones of various sizes and arrange them in a window box or in pots on your porch, sprinkling the tiniest ones on top. The weatherproof display should last until spring.

Something as simple as glasses and dishes filled with seasonally appropriate candies can make a sweet table topper, especially at dessert time. Use classic candy canes pair with chocolates wrapped in tinsel-colored foil.

Use Frosting to make a snowman of oranges or clementines. Stack the fruit, holding the pieces together with toothpicks. Add cloves for eyes, peppermint sticks for arms and a nose, licorice for a scarf. The hat is a vanilla wafer and peppermints layered with frosting.


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