WOW Sunday

OMG Thank goodness for SUNDAYs! Is it the end of the week or the start of a new one? I am not sure, what I am sure of is I love my family. I am ready to graduate from grad school, I am ready for a career tired of being an intern and graduate assistant.

Being a military wife can really be terrible sometimes. I am not sure what marriage means anymore. I am sadden at the fact that I have a spouse who really cares less about education, and what we do (the kids and I). The fact that he has been in 12 years and is just an E-5 promotable. He has said for the last two years that he was going to sign up for college but never has. I have come to the fact that I cant' change his thinking, but I am really trying hard. He doesn't talk anymore he plays his video games and then he sleeps the rest of the time. He doesn't interact with the kids at all. I try to make it a point not to get into arguments in front of them, but lately for the last 6 months we don't talk much maybe two sentences, How was your day and what did you do. The other is just watching him from the back of the head. He doesn't eat dinner with us anymore. I ask him what can I do to make it better and he said nothing, you are doing a great job.


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