What holiday traditions as a child do you incorporate into your holidays now? For me as an Army wife...

Well let me see.

We would always put the tree up after Thanksgiving and we would listen to Christmas music on Saturday mornings on the big record player.

We would sing Christmas songs.

My grandparents would go caroling when they were younger with their brothers, sisters and friends.

We always made Santa a plate of cookies before I went to bed, and left his reindeer a carrot.

When I got older we would decorate the porch with garland and lights.

We would always have a red velvet cake for Christmas.

My mom would color pictures of Santa as a child.

When we were little we would go visit extended family on Christmas Day, then that afternoon we would come home and eat and play with our gifts.

But now as I have gotten older, and the family has spread across the US and the older family members have died off, people don't come and visit back home now.  To me family still means alot to me, but it has changed for family members. They just don't have time much now.

Now as an Army Wife, I have picked up alot of other traditions, like I love different knick knacks from across the world that represent the holidays... I love going to the PX to see the Germany Christmas items..This year I am going to add more to my collection. I also like when my friends come over and bring a dish that represents who they are, it makes it so MUCH fun!


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