You know these days with new technology comes new crap. Is it me or do people get offended more easily, you can't say black you have to say African American, you can't say Christmas you have to say Holidays. Then what the hell can you say? If I go around being all one sided then you have the right to ignore it and not participate or participate. Well if some many people are offended about a Christmas tree, then I guess they EXPLODE when they go into Walmart, or the bank since they have them up right now. So many people say Free Speech, and others say why do we say that, we have to be politically correct are we going to offend a person. Please I say to that person who gets offended the most :get your head out of your ass, and drive on! If you don't like it you have the right not to participate in the event and the Freedom of Speech to just shut up!


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