Remembering my PCS moves

So as I sit back and try to remember my PCS moves as the PCS season is creeping into my head... Our first PCS move from Ft Stewart GA to Ft Riley KS was ok, Cat was not even a year old, and we didn't have any pets. Our household goods were so small that they packed and moved us in a day. We stayed in guest lodging for about a week it was nice, we had a kitchenette in there and so I was able to cook. But I didn't like living in a hotel. I remember being "homeless for about 2 months" it felt so weird not to have a place to call home. We stayed with family before we moved to KS right after Christmas.

Fast forward 5 years later when we PCS from KS to NC, they packed us up two weeks before we left the base, IT WAS HORRIBLE. I remember we bought air mattresses and slept on the floor, I remember we had to have two uhaul trailers, to take the things we needed with us to make living without furniture comfortable. Oh that was a sight after we cleared housing we lived in a hotel for a week. It was 3 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs living with us in 1 hotel room. IT was hilarious! I can not even imagine a PCS move now, that I have a (pre-tween, a 5 year old and a toddler and a DOG). We have a suburban I must say I need to get a hitch put on there because I know we gonna need a HUGE uhaul trailer..

Let me tell you the older you get the more stuff you get. The move from Ft Riley, to Ft Bragg I say was the worst, we moved from a 4 bedroom 1700+ sq foot house to a 4 bedroom 1100 sq. foot home. It was horrible, I was giving away furniture as we moved in. Then the movers BROKE everything down, and took screws out of stuff that wasn't suppose to be out of.

Now that was just three PCS moves but at each post we have moved I know:

FT Stewart:
(I moved from Greensboro after we got married to an off post house Sept 2000 at Ft Stewart, then when we got housing we moved from off post to Dec 2000 on post) 2 times

Ft Riley:
(March 2002 Moved from Manhattan KS, to October 2002 Ft Riley in an apartment, then we moved from an apartment to a house July 2004) 3 times

Ft Bragg:

(May 2006 Moved to Burlington NC while my husband was TDY, June 2006 then we moved to Ft Bragg housing, then we moved to another house in Sept 2007, in Feb 2010 we moved to another house) 4 times

9 times over the last 10 years...that's a lot of moving. That has been alot of boxes, and alot of misplaced things that mystically disappeared. BUT ALL IN ALL, I really enjoyed it, even though it was HECTIC at moments, it has been great memories


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