How I actually spent Veterans Day!

So I actually spent Veteran's Day originally going up to my moms and grandmother's house then we were going to stop by the cemetery to pay respects to my grandfather on Veteran's Day, well my 3 year old son was running to go outside the kitchen door, tripped and fell on the chairs in her kitchen (she has 1980s kitchen chairs, with metal square rollers on the bottom) anyway by the time I got to look at his head as he was covering it up with his hand, all I saw was a huge gash and you could see right through to the skull...talking about PANICKING! I was like OMG we have got to call 911 b/c I don't know if he has a concussion, I didn't think he hit the bottom actually. So it took like 10 min before the Fire Department got there, and the guys came in and looked at his head and said well yeah he's gonna need some stitches but he is ok if you want to take him to the ER yourself, you don't have to wait on the rescue.

So 5 more minutes another group of Fire Department workers came in and looked at his head, they said well he's alert and just keep pressure on it. So my son was like I just want to go play with my sisters. HA so we all get in the suburban and even my grandmother goes with us to the ER because as she puts it, I am going b/c "I need to know if my baby is going to be ok".

** NOTE the Pleasant Grove Fire Department, out in Burlington NC, are the best! They were really nice, got there pretty quickly re-assured me my son would be ok for me to transport him by car to the Hospital...they get really good KUDOS from me**

So we get there and I run in, and the freaking receptionist is just casually talking on the phone, and I am like hello I have a kid with blood gushing out his head. So she hangs up and was like I am sorry I didn't see you, bla bla bla. We get him checked in and then she was like wait for triage, no the waiting room is NOT FULL maybe 10 people, and the others were here visiting people in the ER. We finally see a triage nurse and she is like ok let's get his weight, still really hasn't looked at me or my son, and I am still holding this bloody towel on his head, and she said what brings you here today, again I was like hello seriously nurse did you NOT LOOK AT US when I walked through the door. Then after she looked at his head she got all serious and was like, well we going to see you through the minor clinic which shouldn't be at all a long wait as the ER.  

** NOTE If you are in need of some serious Emergency Help, please do not go to Alamance Regional Memorial to Greensboro to Moses Cone, or in the opposite direction UNC Chapel Hill or Duke...***

So this was 2pm when we got there, ok so right now none of my kids have eaten since breakfast. Well my son couldn't eat until he saw the doctor. Every child in the world must have known that he couldn't eat because they all came in with McDonald's or Doritos and sat right behind my son. All he could say was I hunger. My girls were surprisingly good, they had a Nintendo to keep them occupied. Well every-time my son would get upset or cry his head would start bleeding more. Well an hour went by still not seen by a doctor. Ok I was getting pissed he was the only one in there that truly had an emergency blood gushing out of a wound, everyone else was there b/c they had a cough, cold or sniffles. Another hour goes by, so I was thinking the UNC Children's Hospital is only an hour away, or call his Pediatrician to see if he would be ok to sleep then see her. Well by the time my mom went to go call her they finally called us back a 2 and half hour wait, and we were still seen in the ER they wouldn't see him in the minor clinic. The nurse took us back and looked to see if the wound was able to be pushed back together.

Now I don't do good with squishy stuff and blood gushing on my kids, if it is someone else that is not related to me I can help, but my kids, mom or husband I can't handle. SO the nurse was like you hold his legs and hands I'll hold his head and the doctor is just going to shave his head, and glue it back together. So it took 5 minutes the worst part was my son being held down. It was so amazing that my son was like, mommy it's scary, is it over yet, the water is cold, he was just so precious. So the glue dried, and we finally left the hospital around 6 last I tell you what, that was just a freak accident, that I never want to happen again. I love my kids and I tell you what sitting in the ER with them just made me think how precious life is, because he could have hit the wrong spot and killed himself.


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