HeraldNet.com - Budget cuts could hit benefits for military

I think this is HORRIBLE, as a army wife of 10 years to an enlisted solider, we have three kids, and my daugther has an illness and is referred off post to be seen. I have to work in order for my family to survive, I want my kids to have the same opportunities as other kids (who get to take dance and music classes). Then I read they want to CUT the DOD schools, where we will all the public elementary schools and DOD schools are already over run, and they want to close schools..You know when 9-11 happened all these people who want to cut budgets wanted the military to protect their butts, however now they feel SAFE they want to cut out the military programs.

You know this makes up for something when my husband is deployed multiple times in a year or over a two year period. Again these policy makers are making decisions at a higher level only thinking of the Officer side of the pay.the enlisted folks (e1 to e5) are struggling and living at a level of poverty.

It makes NO SENSE...you should tell Mr. Erskine who I really liked up until now, that he wants to cut the military budget, he needs to re-access the state he lives in get his head out of his ass and go to Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, and Goldsboro and look at the enlisted soldiers E1-E5 how they live.  I tell you what you tell the policy advisors, and political appointees to take a pay cut and get the same pay as some of the enlisted soldiers, say an E6 and see how hard it is for them to deal with things in life. That was one thing I used to say the military takes care of its own, now they are just throwing us to the wolves.

Oh this just makes me ANGRY at these political officials and people who think they know what's best...if they were in the Army 20+ years ago, THINGS HAVE CHANGED


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