First of a 3(three) part series on Holidays and how to be Stress free!

De-Stress the holidays with a few helpful tips.
If you are planning a holiday event in December, calendars fill up quickly; get your invitations in the mail early. Around the 15th of November purchase your holiday cards now. Inventory your serving dishes now, so you can know how many bowls, plates, platters etc you have on hand.

10 days to two weeks before your holiday event

  • Follow up 10 days before your holiday event with guests who have not rsvp'd. Having a head count makes planning the menu a lot easier.
  •  Shop for nonperishable food and story it in your pantry to beat the last minute rush
  • Clean out your refrigerator.
  • If you are having overnight guests, or company for more than a day, plan something for them to do while you are not able to entertain them (board games come to mind).

5 days before the holiday event:

  • Clean your house a top to bottom cleaning about 7 days before your festive holiday occasion.
  • Iron the napkins, runners and tablecloths you plan on using on the table. Also if you have silver it would be a good time to polish it.
  • If you have purchased your turkey and ham, and they are still in the deep freeze (calculate how many hours/days you need to thaw it in the fridge, 5 hours for each 5lbs of turkey)
Check back in a few days to see series 2 on how to DE-Stress the holidays! 


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