What a GREAT Weekend

So Friday afternoon was awesome I had class at the Institute of Political Leaders in Greensboro NC, and met all the 2010 Fall Fellows of the program. I got a self assessment of what type of leader I am (Influencing), extrovert and a people person! Which I think everyone should get an analysis of their leadership style. I spent the weekend in Mebane, with my family out in the country. Mebane has got to be the best place, we have a nice house where my kids and run and play without getting hit by a car. We took our cat out there to live with my grandparents. Pumpkin loves it! Saturday morning I returned to my undergrad school at UNCG (my how that unveristy has grown) I stayed there where I met John Hood and Chris Fitzsimons of NC Spin! What a great day, so when I came back to Mebane, we were suppose to leave but I decided to stay one more night so my kids could enjoy the outdoors. Then Sunday I woke up and hit a couple of golf balls! What a great Sunday morning, then top it all off, I came home made Chicken and Dumplings for my family, and waited until the Army Wives Viewing Party!


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