We are into the second full week of Catherine's injections of methotrexate. I pray this drug does not make her sick, or her hair fall out. The nurse has been calling to check on her, last week she did good, she only had one bad day, where she was nasuated and throwing up.

My husband I am not sure just really has been getting on my nerves the last few weeks. He doesn't care about anything at the moment but himself, I am doing all I can do but it is never enough for him, he doesn't want to care to do anything. For example, the 82nd Band building burned down the day before the 4th of July. Here it is a month later, and my husband is like why didn't you tell me it burned down, I told him about it I sent out a FB post about it, I said WOW Look at this on the News the building burned down. He tells me this morning, you never told me..Case in point he never listens to me. I tell him stuff all the time. Someone came in my office an was talking about their relationship, and how they should re-evaluate their life. You know I was like naa, but as I sit here getting closer to my 10 year anniversary. Here is my re-evaluation: my husband hasn't really grown up, he still plays his viedo games, doesn't want anything to do with college, sitting around on his career packets. 10 years of my life to follow him around to different posts, for him to make something of himself, and where are we at 10 years later I am still in a city whether it is Junction City, Hinesville or Fayetteville, where I can't use my degree. The military posts don't have really great jobs for military spouses, and I have three kids, a dog and three cars. I have nothing to show for my life.


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