Well coming to a close.

SO as I sit here at the end half of July I am reflecting on my job as a FRSA, and looking forward to my new job working as an intern in USASOC. I have 1 semester of classes left, I took a position as a GA at UNCP, so I can get experience. I am working on my thesis, I have changed it 3 times LOL. I am wrapping up things here in the 82nd with the FRGs, I still have supplies to give out to the kids. I am really going to miss working for LTC Stitt, and working with Beth. They have got to be the most down to earth people I have met in the Army. Well the second couple, the first was Dany's company commander, Chris Kemper and his wife Molly. I met them right after I graduated from UNCG. But this has to be the best job I could have had for the last two years. There are some family members who made it a little rough but I do have to remember they are probably having a miserable life, and just wanted to make everyone else miserable.
I am ready for a change to work towards something that I like, Congressional Affairs, that is SO right down my lane. I don't want to work on campaigns but I do want to work with the military and Congress. PERFECTO!


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