This past year's deployment

So as I sit back and recap this past year's deployment alot has changed. I have come to understand how hard it is to get a Federal Job on an Army Installation. In 2008 I applied in July right before I started grad school for a Family Readiness Support Assistant position. Well on CPOL it read "your resume has been reviewed and selected", well I wait until October then I get a round of interviews back to back to back. I had a total of 4 job interviews and I got selected for one. I get the job offer in November and start to work Dec 2008. Me being new to the federal government, I thought this was a stepping stone to start my career path...Phwahh wrong...the job has been great, it has been the politics behind how to get a job. They made 60+ jobs go permanent well they said some will be hired and some will be let go. Well you can guess it I was not picked up permanent. I have to sit back and laugh, this is the month after my husband deployed. All this stress that in Dec I would loose my job, well my commander said he would extend me b/c of all the great things I hav achieved with the Unit! What a Godsend! I was extended but still when they list jobs


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