Ok.. I am doing well, my second day in a row being able to get on here and post! I so like this more than a diary!!!Well so today was a busy day with work, getting the kiddos ready for school, and going to my internship after work! I did manage to find time at 2am to post to a website to see if I can get people's help in answering my questions. Hopefully I don't get any silly answers or angry people. That just bother's me, Anger, negative people. Also what really gets me is no one seems to have manners anymore. Example, today around 12 I was walking up to where I work, now there was a pregnant lady working, and across from here was a man, both eating lunch. Well they watch me thru the glass doors, holding this box, with a notebook on top of the box, coming up the stairs. Neither one did anything to get the door, except this little child who was I say 4, he started to run to the door but his mother, or care giver just stopped him. SO after fiddling with the door for a minute, they both look at me an smile. Needless to say, I did not smile back, I was very frustrated. All the while I am thinking where are your manners, I know there have been plenty of times I have opened doors for people who have things in their hands. I have even opened doors for men and women....Grr this is just aggrevating!

PS Forgot to add, I have decided on a trip to Rome with a good the next year I plan this trip..


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