This morning

Well yesterday I went to go purchase a book by Joe Laycock, now mind you last Friday they have 5 copies of this book, then when I went into Barnes and Noble, the clerk couldn't even find the author. Then I went to Books a Million, and the guy found the author but it wasn't in stock, I would have to order it offline. Then I called B&N again, and they didn't have it. It is like it wasn't meant for me to order this book, so I DNK. However when I got home I ordered it from Amazon! LOL, however I do believe in signs and this was like a sign for me not to get it that day or what...anyway I did get the last book published by LJ Smith, the Vampire Diares. SO I finished it and it was a good book! I love that book, I did buy two other books about vampires, House of Night, and Vampire Academy. Can't wait to read it....I finished my Assessment 1 of the contracting class and passed now I have to finish part 2! Off to work I go!


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