Military Housing Decoratons!

So OK you have just moved into a new house to you on your military installation.! CONGRATS! Ok so maybe not, maybe you are tired of living in the same 4 white walls you have seen before, at previous post, especially before the privitization took over, it was all the same color "off white" or egg cream color. They must have had a sale on that paint or something.

Well you all know that the military has just about given up all housing control to Private Civilians who run things. On some of the bases they are making new houses and up dating all the codes etc. So great you are starting out with a wonderful canvas.

Now you know you can paint your house, you just have to prime it back to a white before you move out! That's so simple to do! Ok through my series of blogs you will see different decoration styles that we are going through. Maybe you just might like something and decorate your house.


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