2013 Kids Movie Releases for this summer

SO here are some movies I have seen that is going to be coming out, so plan something for the kids each month this summer. Maybe your spouse is deployed or TDY well here are some cute movies that will cheer you up and if you have kids well you can definitely plan a outing that they can look forwards too

Blue Sky animation Travel to a world deep within forests in this  release highlighting a teenage girl’s unbelievable journey of explorations through the woods near her house. 
To be released May 24. 

Monsters University
Pixar introduces us to a time when monsters Mike and Sulley first met—in college.
To be released Jun. 21

Despicable Me 2
Gru is assigned to take down another evil force. 
To be released Jul. 3.

DreamWorks studio production, A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500.
To be released Jul. 19.

FOR The Older Kids

Man of Steel
This Zack Snyder-directed Superman prequel introduces you to Clark Kent’s initial steps toward superheroism. Due to Kent’s birth planet Krypton approaching a fate of death, he is adopted as an infant by a young Kansas couple. 
To be released Jun. 14

Iron Man 3
The third installment of this Marvel superhero franchise boasts Robert Downey Jr. perfectly cast as Iron Man fighting principal enemy Mandarin for a return to normalcy as Tony Stark. I couldn't leave this one out. My son loves super heroes! 
To be released May 3.


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