WATCH OUT: Falling victim to just another face in the crowd

It's new technology being used in credit and debit cards, and it's already leaving nearly 140 million people at-risk for electronic pick pocketing. It all centers on radio frequency identification technology, or RFID. You'll find it in everything from your passports to credit and debit cards. It's supposed to make paying for things faster and easier. You just wave the card, and you've paid. What the hacker/mugger does is get near people's back pocket or wallet, so close almost like walking down a crowded street,

All a mugger needs is a credit card reader which you can buy for less and 100 bucks on-line and a mini-computer. Bad Guys could work a crowd, stealing numbers and then e-mail them anywhere in the world. It's not just your credit and debit cards at-risk. While they are harder to hack, all US passports issued since 2006 contain RFID technology that can be read, and swiped to. This crime could easily go untraced; innocent people, falling prey to just another face in the crowd with a concealed scanner in hand.


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