Why am I voting for Tom Steyer in 2020?

SO maybe you did or didn't know, that I was the 2011 Army Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse Magazine, almost 10 years ago, active duty, military families and veterans were and are still part of my life. I worked as a FRSA in the 82nd Airborne Division, and as an intern in Congressional Affairs with USASOC. I lived and breathed military, RED, WHITE and BLUE. I still do. The kids and I still go to Fort Bragg, that is our medical treatment facility, it is 2.5 hours from where I stay, so it isn't the most convenient healthcare facility and thank goodness I have health insurance that covers us locally, incase of an emergency.
Currently, so in full disclosure, I am the NC State Political Director for the Tom Steyer campaign. We have lived all over, moved so many times, my oldest daughter has been to 11 different schools, every three years I get the urge to move..PTSD is really important to me, I have lost a lot of military friends to suicide, a lot of families have broken up b/c of PTSD..it has affected all facets of my life, PTSD is horrible, and as a former military spouse, I didn't know how to help my ex, I wanted the best for him and our family. Healthcare for the veteran, and for the families of veterans, are so important to me. Anyway I wanted to find out what did Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer thought about the military...so here is what I found.. and this is why I am supporting Tom Steyer. This is from the November 2020 Military Times Questionnaire.
(Q)What is your plan to deal with the rising number of suicides in the military and veterans community?
With soaring suicide rates in the military and veterans communities, it is urgent that we address this public health crisis. We must start with a strong Department of Veterans Affairs and support our military leadership: it is the first way to attack this.
Our nation’s warriors deserve the best — both on the field and when they return home. While strides have been made in suicide awareness, prevention and treatment, there are still serious gaps in funding and access to providers. Veterans experience different issues from most civilians, such as higher rates of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.
Sadly, veterans are more likely to act on a suicidal plan. I will work tirelessly to address the challenge of preventing suicides among our servicemen and women, and to expand health services for veterans, including ways to seek help from a mental health professionals. Non-mental health physicians and frontline healthcare providers are in a key position to screen for PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideation in these patients. We need to work with advocates, veterans medical professions so our veterans receive the care they need and interventions can be achieved. I also stand ready to implement the urgent common-sense gun safety reforms we desperately need to tackle suicide rates.
(Q) What would be your top policy priority involving veterans, and how will you approach that issue differently from the current administration?
Our nation’s veterans deserve our respect, our gratitude, and the solemn pledge from their commander in chief that America will never waver in its commitment to them. I’m committed to veterans returning to their families and communities and to every dollar committed to their long-term well being. I was the only presidential candidate to call for canceling the student loan debt for permanently disabled veterans. I will work tirelessly toward supporting many top priorities involving veterans, including high suicide rates, homelessness, workforce training, mental health treatment, and student loan debt.
(Q) Have administration officials gone too far in pushing veterans health care services into the private sector?
Absolutely — this is not a policy I will pursue.
(Q) Would you repeal or alter existing VA community care programs?
Access to healthcare is a fundamental right for all Americans. The unique healthcare needs of veterans are best met through the VA, which is a fully integrated health care system in the country and the only health care system designed specifically for veterans.
Our first priority should be to make a commitment to the care that our veterans need. We need to build upon the success of the VA hospital system, and I will make the investments necessary to ensure that the system is properly resourced and modernized.
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