Pod Cast: Financial Literacy for American Indians

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Today's podcast is about American Indians and Financial Literacy. Anette Haith is a Mortgage Broker and Credit Counselor. She has over 30 years of Financial background in the mortgage industry. Do you want to get a house but your credit isn't over 650? There is help for you, and she can tell you how to do it. Her website is MHN Click below to here the podcast about some ways you can check on your financial health, and if you need help please call or email Anette.

We all know the feeling—the panic that sets into your stomach when you see the bill for an unexpected car repair. How are we going to pay for that?  But what if a car repair was just an inconvenience? Instead of worrying, you pay the bill without thinking twice. A week later you’ve forgotten that it even happened! That’s how little it affects your financial situation. It’s not an emergency. It’s barely a hiccup!


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