Woman Walks Ahead 2018

So I really have started watching native based/inspired movies. I really want to watch this movie, however I do get emotional and very involved in the movies. I feel as if I am in that time period and it is happening to me. However, I don't and hope this movie isn't romanticized. I just hate when people romanticize anything native american. Behind every feather and powwow there has been some type of sacrifice and hard work to get there, it's not all just easy. 

I can't wait to see this movie. Directed by Susanna White and released in 2018.  This new movie is based on true events, Woman Walks Ahead tells the story of Catherine Weldon played by Jessica Chastain, a widowed artist from New York who, in the 1880s, traveled alone to North Dakota to paint a portrait of Chief Sitting Bull played by Michael Greyeyes. One of my many favorite native actors, ok, heck, I love all my native actors.

Her arrival at Standing Rock is met with open hostility by a US Army officer (Sam Rockwell), who has stationed troops around the Lakota reservation to undermine Native American claims to the land. As Catherine and Sitting Bull grow closer, and as their friendship—and his life—are threatened by government forces, Catherine must stand up and fight for what is most important to her. 

Anyway the trailer looks good, I can't wait to watch it, stay tuned for my follow up on the movie.


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