Thursday's Throwback: Getting your style back when you have become a mom..

I believe every mother agrees that once their precious sweetness enters this world, life as they know it changes completely — especially style. Yes well for me my style got put on the back burner, I was focused more on my children than me, and now yes I am taking a stand I am putting style back into my life! I would TOTALLY ROCK this outfit with polka dots, I love polka dots, but let me tell you I'm not wearing any polka dots until I drop a few pounds...I am sure we all have seen celebrities looking chic, fresh and stylish right away after giving birth, but you should remember that they more than likely have a team making sure that they are stylish.  And for the rest of us, our style naturally changes as our family and responsibilities grow.

I am here to show you how you can piece together a few items to make your wardrobe a little more stylish. Check out these two pictures I posted. This would make for an awesome Summer/Spring Day, complete with Accessories. 

Spring is already here and summer is just a month away make your wardrobe ready. Here are some Stylish tips from Stylish Eve:

  1. When you think of the proper colors to wear in spring, you will find a lot of options – mainly bright colors to match with this colorful season. 
  2. Blue is one of the great colors that you can wear in the spring/ summer season as it comes in various shades, and many of them can be reminiscent of the sea which is great for summer

PS one of my good friends is very stylish she keeps me in the know on FB when she posts these pairing of clothes...totally I am like yes I love these items put together!


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