January is National Mentoring Month but don't do it just for this one month

January is National Mentoring Mont just don't do it for the month of January, do it all year long. 

Let me tell you about my experiences in Girl Scouting....All my adult life I have volunteered to mentor young girls (even before I had children). I have volunteered most of my time with Girl Scouts, I have been a Brownie, Daisy, Junior and Cadette leader. WHY? I want to enhance the development of girls and provide a great way to expose them to the benefits and the importance of positive self-image, responsible personal conduct, respect for self and others, educational achievement and cultural enrichment. Girl Scouts provides a tool for me to become the voice for girls and to make a difference in my community and across the nation.

I want my girls to see a difference in the world (what's moral, what's ethical, VS what's not, and remember what is always moral may not be ethical and what is ethical may not be moral).

I believe that Girl Power turns into Women Power. Girl Scouts has helped me become better at what I do. I feel with my education I can help encourage girls' healthy living through combating Relational Aggression and promoting girl-positive media images; ensure girls feel emotionally and physically safe; promote girls' involvement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); develop financial literacy skills; and give a voice to girls in under-served communities.

I have learned that Girl Scout strives to increase girls' awareness about the world, promote cross-cultural learning opportunities, and educate girls on relevant global issues that inspire them to take action. Our goal is to promote a global voice for girls and foster responsible global citizens who make the world a better place.


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