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I get SO EXCITED when I get to do product reviews that deal with kids, military and cutenesss! Don't you love the model in the picture, she is pretty awesome for hugging the bear! Look at the cute embroidery on the back of the bear, I love it!!!! So I have two pics a back view of the bear and a front view of the bear. I decided how perfect it would be to let one of my kids play with the bear, the bear is really durable, the eyes are nice and snug, and the sewing is really beautiful, not to mention the embroidery on the back.

Pamela Larson is a military spouse and U.S. Army veteran. I totally thank her for her dedication. A week or so ago I recieved this AWESOME bear in the mail for a product review, which I totally love to do! Not to mention that this bear is pretty cute, and it is my favorite color. So the place is called.  At Teddys from the Troops we strive to make separation easier. Using the ACU's of a loved one we turn a military uniform into a comforting companion.

At Teddys from the Troops they strive to make separation easier. Using the ACU's of a loved one they turn a military uniform into a comforting companion.  They accept paypal and ship FREE to APO addresses!

To place an order or discuss fabric choices and styles, and sizes please email pamelalarson@teddysfromthetroops.com or visit their website for the official order form.

So here are some products below that I got off their facebook website:

    Our "mama bear" sits at approximately 17" and is being sold in ACU for $40, or an inverted color scheme of cotton fabric for $50.
  • "Baby bear" is a smaller version of the "mama bear". Sitting at 7" tall, this bear is the perfect size for your toddler/preschooler. Sells for $30 in ACU with any color accents.
  • The "honey bear" is very small compared to the others, lays on it's stomach and is more of a crib companion than for older children. This bear is sold in a fleece material (in the color of your choice) and ACU for $35.
  • The "joy bear" is sold in various colors and fabric types. This bear sits at around 14" and is more expensive because I do not own the rights to this bear pattern so I have to pay a percentage of my earnings to the pattern maker. The price for this bear is $45.
  • The "big papa bear" is custom made to order and prices will be discussed upon drafting of the bear. Be aware that he is HUGE! He sits at around 44" and takes a ridiculous amount of cotton fiberfill to stuff. That being said, if ordering outside of local pick up area, I will mail this bear unstuffed and deduct $20 from the quoted price to compensate for you having to stuff it yourself. When ordering this bear please expect no less than a $100 estimate as this bear takes 24 hours to make. We will not begin production on this bear until it is paid for in full.
We do offer the option of embroidery on all our bears, prices are $1 per word.

Please check out Teddys from the Troops


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