What to do with the 2nd car while my DH is away.

Have you ever asked yourself that when your spouse deploys or goes on training for a while. I don't want the other car to sit out in the weather. What do you do?

So I really needed this product like 5 years ago LOL! I am pretty thrilled and was SO EXCITED to review this product! We have a garage but it is packed with moving boxes, and I put my car in there. So now I have something to keep the weather off my husband's car. See my car! It is totally COVERED! I loved it, and it stayed on even in the crazy blowing wind!
I got it on and I TOTALLY LOVE IT!

I was recently contacted by EmpireCovers.com to write a review about their product. They have car covers, boat covers, rv covers, and MORE. You know their products are really beneficial to soldiers. From personal experience, I know that when a soldier is away, his car will tend to sit in the drive away for awhile :) May as well cover it up with a car cover~ This is PERFECT my husband is not home for a few more months so I am reviewing this car cover and it FITS PERFECT! The cover I got, is the Empire Standard cover, which is a single layer cover designed for basic protection against the elements. Great for indoor use, this cover is light weight and will help protect your vehicle against dust and debris. 

You know what else they sent me? ROAD WRAP What's that you ask?

ROAD WRAP! I hate touching my car with BUGS on them, yuck and you know in the summer they really get a ton of bugs if you drive at night. We all have problems with bugs, grime, tar and even sand while traveling. Whether commuting back and forth to work all week or simply on vacation, there's nothing worse than having to scrub the front of your vehicle after driving a long time. This product is applied to protect from bug acid, road grime and also helps against rock chips while driving on the road. It can be cut to fit any vehicle such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and even RV's.


They have been a top choice for affordable, quality car covers for nearly 7 years now, and the reason is simple. They take care of their customers just as much as their covers take care of  our vehicles. All of their covers come with a full elastic hem around the whole cover for a snug fit, tie-down grommets on the underside, a storage pouch, and an antenna patch. Every Cover is guaranteed under warranty to remain strong and durable over time. The warranty covers the full elastic hem, grommets, stitching, and cover fabric.

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