Career Girl Mondays: Volunteering = Career Development

So I am starting a new topic on my blog for MONDAY's call Career Girl Mondays! This topic for Career Girl, Volunteering = Career Development
Everyone knows that volunteering is a great thing to do. Personally my opinion is if you live in the neighborhood then we owe it to our communities. And let’s be honest, it makes you feel good inside knowing you’re helping make someone’s life a little easier. BUT ALSO it is a great way to NETWORK. There is also another great reward that results from volunteering: career development. Now I don’t just mean the classic resume booster of listing charities and charitable events under your community involvement section. I am talking about actual career development.

Let’s face it, many of us don’t know exactly what we want to do with our lives and even careers when we’re in our twenties and even thirties. Add on top of that the career of a military spouse, it is downright hard! Many of us will change jobs a number of times before we find that “right fit” or the job that makes us feel fulfilled, happy and challenged. Take it from PERSONAL experience; I have experienced this in the last year.

So my advice to you is getting involved with a nonprofit board can offer a number of opportunities to gain PR experience; event planning, serving as a spokesperson at events or meetings, social media outreach on behalf of the charity’s programs or policies, and many more possibilities to list here.

Here are some tips to help you out!
1.      Find your passion.
2.      Network, Network, Network
3.      Make the commitment

Nevertheless, start searching the internet for nonprofit boards in your area. It’s amazing the amount of organizations out there in need of hard-working, dedicated young professionals who are committed to helping their community.

I know a great organization that needs volunteers,


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