We (all) need to be aware....

So I remember back when 9-11 happened. The US was so diligent in watching their surroundings, now I believe we have this false sense of security around us, that we are safe. I know for a fact that I feel safe because I live in a military gated community with MPs, BUT they don't do much as far as protection, I don't see them patrolling my area, maybe once every 8 hours. There is maybe at the most 6 guards here but there are several areas out here where I live. They almost need a entire company out here, as a matter of fact around the area. We all know that there have been instances where homeless people have moved into the wooded areas in the gated community, so if the homeless people can get in and get out unscathed what does that say about other bad people.

I know I haven't been as proactive in my awareness, needless to say I don't want to be paranoid but I do need to be aware more. I have this notion that why would you want to live in a country that you hate? So I tend to dismiss the bad people or so caller terrorists. Like, ahh they wouldn't want to bother me or my family, but that's the exact opposite thinking that GOT us in this situation. "It won't happen to us"

Just this week in New Bern, three men were sentenced in what they were attempting to attack a Marine Base. In some of their statements they said, "look at the wives, out jogging, children playing". WOW that's so true, I know for fact anyone can get on our base here at Bragg, all you need is an ID, if you have a car a registration and insurance. It is SO EASY TO FAKE THESE ITEMS! All the guards do is look at it, no technology involved to look and see if it is the real people or if these items are fake.

Maybe we need to take the extra 5 minutes to be just aware of our surroundings. This is something maybe we need to incorporate into our lives, I need to just wake up and see. This is home grown terrorism (he converted) read about the latest story here.

I am thinking maybe we should just remain calm but more aware of our surroundings. What do you think? As I study more about terrorism, it is interesting. Some people just get brain washed into believing what they are doing is good but turns out it is horrible.



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