So Remember when I was telling you all about this cat/squirrel thing in Linden Oaks

 So I told you all a bout this cat/squirrel living out in Linden Oaks, and I have seen it maybe three times usually in the fall of the year. I event went on a adventure calling the Wildlife Game and Fish people. I learned there are A LOT OF THINGS in the county that I didn't know were native to NC (Coyote, bobcats, bears) then there are somethings that have gotten loose a panther/mountain lion. He lives somewhere in Harnett county, so I wouldn't doubt it lives at Linden
all jokes aside these animals are mating and creating a new form of animal..

Well here in the VA area they have found this WILD animal a tailless squirrell or a squabitt! HAHHA LOL ok no jokes.. What got their attention about this particular squirrel is the fact that it has no tail, just a little bit of white fluff where a long, gray appendage should be. “One person said Jackson isn’t a squirrel, it’s a ‘squabbit’–a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit,” said Margaret, “partly because he’s so chubby.”

Read more about the Squabbit here, lol,


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