Yea! We FINALLY GOT SNOW, they way it was snowing it looked like a blizzard but it was too warm for it to stick to the ground. So it was really nice seeing it come down, only if it would have just stayed on the ground! It was so pretty. I think I am ready for a winter snow day but only I would be able to go and play in it with my kids.

The one thing I really miss is the convience of getting in my car and driving places. I do miss being able to get in my car and drive home though, taking a hour and thirty-forty minute commute there and and hour and thirty minute commute back, is A LONG TIME to be on a train! The trains only run north in the morning in south in the afternoon. So if you come to the city you have to at lease stay 4 or so hours before you can go home.

I tell you what I am waiting on is my hubby's orders... But I have been looking around at schools and things for the kids, that's the best place to judge where to live, what school districts they are in.

Hey at least I don't have to drive, but hey I love DC really good opportunites are here, so I guess you have to pick and choose your battles.


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