1001 Things to Love about Military Life

So currently I am in a new adventure of my own right now, branching out on new things such as a FULL TIME Career! Woo Hoo I finally got my FOOT in the door of a career, not a job but a career. I am working in Washington DC and it is a GREAT job. I really thank GOD for helping me be patient and accept the right job.

I was selected to review this book called 1001 Things to Love About Military Life, by Tara Crooks, Starlett Henderson, Kathie Hightower, Holly Scherer. This book is wonderful it lists these traditions, customs and it also has a comprehensive place that list all the organizations you can think of. It also has things in there that a new spouse should need to know and even a seasoned spouse there are things in there that is really helpful!

This book is full of little stories told by these ladies, and I can so relate to their stories. If I had this book 12 years ago I would have been squared away much quicker than being "lost" in what I should do as a army wife.

The traditions and customs part, oh my gosh is excellent, it really tells people the history of why they should be proud of what their loved ones are doing. You name it, it is covered in this book, all the way down to a "Welcome Home From Iraq Baby"! Boy, have I experienced that, twice!

Don't know what it is go out and get this book today www.lovemilitarylife.com


  1. :) i'll look it up. I'm still looking for a good book with stories that are uplifting. Love a recommendation.

    Congratulations on stepping into a new career. Exciting!


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