It's Starting to Look like a lot like..... with....Harry Connick Jr..

!! A LOT LIKE anyway. I don't usually post about my personal likes on here, but I have been dying to write something! This year has got to be my favorite time of the year! Yes aside from the patriotic holidays this time of year after October 31 and until Jan 3, I LOVE IT. I love the views, the colder weather, the smells and of course CHRISTMAS! I love decorating and entertaining..even though my DH is not here, I still enjoy the holiday and know that eventually we will be together...when he is not on duty, but it is important that we keep the faith for the kids! That's what makes it worth while the joy I see on their faces from decorating the tree, to baking cookies, to even trying to sing Christmas carols.

But one way to get in the mood is to put on your favorite Christmas songs. Aside from Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra (those are classic) I am listening to Harry Connick Jr's CD...this is the only thing that has moved with me and I have kept up with the CD for like 11 years LOL...

Ok so many of you don't know but HC is my favorite FAVORITE musician...these two songs, It Must Have Been Ol' Santa Claus, and I pray on Christmas will get you in the spirit.

I so happen to OWN this CD, and I bought it again for my ipod! I am going to purchase his other Christmas CD. But this one is the best, I love the songs ALL of them! They are so catchy, and upbeat, and I love it.

Harry Connick Jr, happens to be my most favorite musician, every since high school, I fell in love with his voice the CD Blue Light! WOW amazing. If you have the chance listen to his music, I would love to have the chance to hear him play with his band in person. 

Anyway that is all now!! Back to your regularly scheduled readings!

PS if HCJ is reading this, I would love to interview you for


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