Want to see your“life” through different environment?

So earlier this year I had posted about about the Adventures applications from the National Guard. The latest application called My Life was just released and I want you to know about it!

So imagine, it’s graduation day.  Your name was just called and you are steps away from receiving your diploma.  Your family looks on, proud of your accomplishment.  As you reach for your diploma, you smile as you remember all the hard work it took to get to this moment.  You then receive your diploma, take your first steps as a graduate, and begin to think…what’s next?
Planning for your future after graduation is one challenge many young people are faced with.  Many graduates are having difficulties making critical life decisions as it is hard to get a sense of how their decisions will affect their future.  Decisions such as pursuing higher education, becoming career focused, starting a family or enlisting in the service are just a few examples of decisions that will play a part in how one’s life unfolds.

The Army National Guard has a new application they created and is designed to give users an online visualization experience that will help the user plan their future.  The program titled
My Life helps users customize their “life” through different environment, occupation, and interest decisions showing users how their decisions will affect them financially and professionally. 


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