Working with a Film Crew

I just wrapped up filming with a crew for largest website for kids, with deployed parents, for the DOD Center of Excellence. I worked closely with the producer Jason and the Camera crew who is working on the video portion of the website, where they do a 3-5 minute video that deals with different subjects regarding deployment. This is for a DOD military secure website geared towards kids that have parents that have deployed.  The content is meant for 9-12 year-olds. 

The crew came to Fort Bragg to tape a couple of these episodes, with some very cool Ft Bragg families. He worked on our story that dealt with the issues of deployment.  He read our families story about the difficulties that our family went through after my husband returned home, and how D nominated me for Military Spouse of the Year. Basically I got to tell my story about D's deployment, and they also talked to Cat and D on how to help families and other kids deal with these issues.

They were so NICE and really awesome, it was AMAZING. I really enjoyed it, it was pretty cool, we got to play act, like he gave us directions on what things to film, I really felt like an actress. Maybe I might want to do that one day in my future! I love it.  All I can remember is Robin Dorff in my head saying "don't look up to think, it makes you look shifty lol" when I took the IOPL class.... They even played with my kids and B was so sad when they left! He wanted to go with them, the sound guy was pulling quarters of out of Brandon's ears which he LOVED!


  1. How exciting! And cool that you not only got to share your story but that it will help others, too!


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