Uh Oh Orders, stress maybe, maybe not

So my husband got orders for Korea. We were on orders for Germany but since they could not support Catherine on EFMP in Germany we couldn't go. So the other choices were Ft. Sam Houston, Ft Drum, Ft Carson, Hawaii and Fort Benning. I didn't want to move to those places for the fact that is getting further away from where I want to go which is DC/VA area. Those bases are over strength on my husband's MOS.  He has always told me to find the job I want, move there take the kids and he will try to get stationed there.

So me being here at Bragg, I can't get a job using the EX orders or priority placement within the federal system. I have had a temporary and term position. I haven't really looked at other agencies other than DOD, since most of them are about a 2 to 2.5 hour drive away. So one day while talking to the CPAC chief, she told me that the only way I could get in the door was to PCS away from Bragg and PCS back to Bragg. That's the only way I could compete with all the other people applying for jobs at Ft Bragg. So that's what my husband did, he took orders to go to Korea. We were under the impression that the Korea tour you could get duty station of choice upon completion. Which is no longer the case. Of course! He told me before that he thinks that Korea would look good on this ERB, I am not sure I don't know.

So after being deployed 4 times, this time he is going to Korea. So while I am not sad like before when he was deploying and the stress level is way different, we aren't arguing or mad at each other like before previous deployments. I am pretty unsure of it though, this is all new ground for us as a family. I do know that I am going to visit him in Korea, an I am looking forward to it!

I am nervous we still haven't told them that he's leaving. I am not sure how they will handle it. However since the 2003 my husband hasn't been the same person as he was before. The youngest two are old enough now to understand he's not coming home for a while, and I am sure we will make those cute paper chains to count down the days, or the jar of jelly beans for each one of the kids. I am not worried about our relationship we are pretty strong in that department. I am worried about the economy, not being able to get a decent job. To help pay my student loans. I am worried about me getting a job to help make ends meet. I am worried that if he gets out how are we going to make it with our the insurance because of our daughter's medicine. Just one of her meds is over $2000 a month without insurance.

I can remember thinking back at different periods in my life, and worrying about different things, it's amazing the older you get how things get clearer and perspectives change. I am ready for a house of my own, however I am not ready for the things that break down, unless I have a permanent steady job I don't want to go out on a limb. I know I must not be alone in my thinking, how many of you feel this way? How many of you have had a dependent restricted tour? How did you feel?


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