Shiseido, you need to know what it is!

My first encounter with Shiseido Cosmetics was in February. I had a makeup artist (Kira) come for my photo shoot by Military Spouse Magazine. The makeup was FLAWLESS! I fell in love instantly. It made my skin look so much YOUNGER. All the products from skin care to lipstick was AWESOME. I have fallen in love with these products. The makeup artist gave me a sample of the products and I tell you it was GREAT. Then in our MSOY Luncheon Swag bags (thanks Military Spouse Magazine) we got more Shiseido products. I was SO THRILLED! I wish I had more opportunities to get made up for photo shoots. I am telling you they sell these products at the PX on base, I am not sure where else but WOW..I suggest if you want to feel and look younger go and try them! The picture in the pink shirt was when I had my first makeover~! Her name was Kira she did a GREAT job with my eyes! The makeup changed me from drab to FAB!

The picture in blue shirt was when I had my interview with ABC Channel 11! She gave me two different looks, I really liked the lipstick in the PINK shirt.

They have age defying products, everything you can imagine they have it.


  1. You look beautiful. I'm going to have to check the products out. I always love finding new beauty products.


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