Southern Sundays, a little Southern Style in my Military Wife Life Series #2

In keeping with Southern Sundays Southern Belle's~

So I tend to see myself as a Southern Belle trying to keep a little southern in my household! There are a lot of meanings and some I am not even sure of, like GRITS (girls raised in the south), and the confederate flag. I still am not sure if any of those have racial ties to them. BUT Anyway I love Southern things, Sweet Ice Tea, Mint Julips, Sitting on the Porch after a rain, Randy Travis, Conway Twitty, Crystal Gayle (who I am named after) George Straight, Reba McIntyre, The Mandrell Sisters. Hee-Haw (if you don't know what it is then look it up on you-tube. Listening to crickets and tree frogs.

I am from NC, I speak with a Southern Accent. Southern Belles are proud of their Southerness. My grandmother is a true southern belle, she has instilled in me the values I have today. "A southern belle had a lot of rules in order to behave." Pants/trousers were not allowed on girls; now that rule I don't like I hate wearing dresses, I guess that is because that's all I wore as a girl. Even to this day my grandmother does not wear shorts. Even when she was young, she didn't wear shorts out in public or even at the house. I think she owned one pair, and she rarely wore them. The rules became relaxed when WWII started but still there are some things you have to do to be a Southern Belle. When I was in high school, I was still involved in a cotillion in high school; I had a big hoop wedding dress and did the waltz with my date! A Southern belle is characterized by Southern hospitality a cultivation of beauty and a flirtatious yet innocent demeanor. I always try to have my Southern Hospitality when it comes to meeting people. Other features of Southern Hospitality include proper local etiquette (i.e., calling one "Sir" or "Ma'am," opening doors for women (as well as men removing their hats when in the presence of a woman or inside her house), cooking enough for everyone who might be around at mealtime, inviting one to church functions, etc.) 

There are people who are from outside the region often mistake many of the southern hospitality customs as being insincere or fake in some way, in actuality the customs are often a way to make the visitor feel as comfortable as possible in an unfamiliar setting. 

I have seen these customs around many local military bases. So many spouses have that welcoming feeling! I guess that is why sometimes I find problems with the FRGs who aren't warm and welcoming, I guess it is in my nature to have manners. So the next time someone is being nice, it might be the fact they are trying to make you feel welcome! I know I do, and when I say visit, I mean come and visit!

So I found a CUTE little store to help get some SOUTHERN BELLE in your life.


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