Memorial Day a day of remembrance

I have to let you all know May until July has to be my most favorite months. I love the Red, White and Blue! I love Americana memorabilia, Flags and anything Patriotic. 

Now we just had Armed Forces Day, which I really never realized or celebrated. This year as Memorial Day approaches, I have really been thinking about it and not necessarily like picnics and trips to the beach. I am considering the TRUE meaning of Memorial Day. This is the blog post I wrote for the Army Blog. As Memorial Day 2011 approaches, it is time to stop for a moment and consider the true meaning of this holiday. Studies from the Department of Veterans Affairs show that most Americans confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day? Why? Well both holidays commemorate our veterans service, but with one important difference. So what’s the difference you ask? Well Memorial Day honors service members who died in service to their country or as a result of injuries sustained during battle. Deceased veterans are also remembered on Veterans Day but the day is set aside to thank and honor living veterans who served honorably in the military.

On this Memorial Day we should honor the many soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to their country. From soldiers who fought during the American Revolution to the soldiers of today’s Armed Forces. We also need to remember that the war lives on in soldiers, even after they depart the battlefield, and war lives on in the lives of those families who survive. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we remember our loved ones and our friends who have given the ultimate sacrifice. 

This Memorial Day I am going to do something a little different than years before. My husband, children and I are going to buy American flags and visit a few of the nearby cemeteries and walk through and find the soldiers who do not have a flag. I'll leave one and say a prayer for the family of that person, who for some reason could not bring their soldier flowers or a flag. I am also going to visit my grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s grave who fought in WWI and WWII. I also ask you this Memorial Day to fly your American Flag at half staff and let it remind us of the sacrifices being paid by our men and women in uniforms. Our flag is truly a symbol of the freedoms that we are fighting to protect.

I'll pray for the families who paid the ultimate price, whose loved ones died, or were imprisoned and never returned. I'll pray for anyone who may still be missing in action or a prisoner of war. I will not forget I will not let my children forget, rest assure that your commitment to the United States and the US Army will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service to our country.

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