Do you know about the Army Family Covenant? You should!

Army Family Covenant (AFC) 

In October 2007 the Army leadership created the Army Family Covenant.  In 2009 the Army re-affirmed the covenant which is expressing the Army’s commitment to caring for soldiers and their families. This covenant helps out by providing a strong, supportive environment where they can thrive, and that enhances their strength and resilience.  The Army Family Covenant brings focus to programs, services, and initiatives essential to preserving an All-Volunteer Force.

The Army Family Covenant continues a heritage of service, importance, and sustainability of soldiers and their families that was highlighted by the Chief of Staff, of the Army in 1983. The Army Family Covenant provides a continuance of the Army’s dedication to sustaining and partnership with soldiers and their families to build an environment where they can prosper and realize their potential. Here are some programs that the AFC is working on and has made some improvements in the Family Programs and Services; Health Care; Soldier and Family housing; Child, Youth, and School Services; recreation, travel, and Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers; and education and employment opportunities for spouses.


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