100 Days of Giving

So you all know I am volunteering over at one2one network. This product review particularity has my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION! Why, well for number one, my favorite Charity is listed on Giveback.org Support Our Arthritic Kids, Inc and two $50K in charity giving that is a HUGE amount of money and I am so honored to be able to participate. Ok so here is how you can GIVE BACK.  I just personally created a foundation account with GiveBack and could win $50K for my favorite charity. (SUPPORT OUR ARTHRITIC KIDS) Donate to Support Our Arthritic Kids (which is a charity listed with GuideStar), 

Sounds interesting? How can you help me? I am trying to earn points! Please help me earn points! You don't have to donate money, just your time!

On GiveBack's site, every day for 100 Days through July 16, 2011, one GiveBack member will be randomly chosen to win $1000 which will be contributed to their personal foundation.  They have also created an Impact Points system to track members who spread the word about GiveBack and get others to join.  At the end of the 100 Days of Giving campaign, GiveBack will award a $50,000 prize for the member who has earned the most Impact Points

Winners will have the money deposited to their GiveBack account and can then donate it to a charity or charities of their choice. I am REALLY trying hard to win this for my charity!

Check it out: https://www.giveback.org/onehundreddays.aspx?refid=37154 
1 For every member that signs up from your link: You'll get 50 Impact Points.
2 For every member that signs up from your link: You'll get 30 Impact Points.
3 For every member that signs up from your link: You'll get 10 Impact Points.

I would love for you to re-post this on your favorite social media sites or email friends and family to consider signing up for GiveBack, and when the 100 Days of Giving ends on July 16. Please use my link, as I am in a contest with the One2One Member network who has reported and has earned the most GiveBack Impact Points will receive $1000 to give away to charity and $100 gift cert to Mission Skincare for herself.


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