A salute to my kids, month of the Military Child.

I am going to feature 3 awesome kids for the month of the Military Child on today's blog.

So, I am a little biased but here they are Cat, Sam and Bran! My three lovely kids! All three of my kids have experienced deployment, Cat 4 times, Sam 2 times and Bran 1 time. Each time it has always been something different with each deployment. These kids don't know any other way of life, and it is sad but it is a great life. We make it through. They know when dad deploys they must depend on each other and mom to help them. My kids are resilient they roll with the flow.

They know that we can't plan a vacation in months in advance we must take those spur of the moment trips. I can't imagine anything different. They always know home is when we are all together, and family. I can say that all three of my kids have been born in different states, and we have live in different parts of the US exposing them to different adventures.

I have asked my oldest two what does it mean to be a military kid, and Catherine tells me, she feels very patriotic. Sam tells me that she makes new friends and moves a lot. Which is true. They have seen a lot more planes and military vehicles up close. Cat even got to play in a helicopter in kindergarten. We have seen the Golden Knights jump onto our elementary school field and have heard the 82nd AV Division Chorus perform. THEY ARE THE BEST I have ever heard and proud to have them in our branch! The best part is when they sound like they are the C-130, and are jumping out the plane! Here we go, AIRBORNE!

For your LISTENING PLEASURE: Below is the 82nd AB Chorus singing!

We always have the BEST 4th of July and Memorial Day's the Army Installations always put on the BEST Fireworks display


  1. Stopping in from the Military Monday blog hop. Your kids are adorable!!


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