Nutcracker Ballet performed in Greensboro NC

Over the month of December, my family and I had the pleasure to be the guests of the Greensboro Ballet. I was given tickets from Thom Little, as a gesture of Thank You to my husband who has been deployed to several places throughout the last 12 years.I was a fellow at the Institute of Political Leadership, in Greensboro NC.During one of the classes I was about 2 hours away from home in class, he called me to let me know he was deploying to Haiti. So needless to say I didn't make it home in time.
We got invited first to Tea With Clara! My two girls and I were so excited to attend this event! Cat and Sam, were pretty excited here to be making Candy Houses. Sam isn't to hip on meeting new people, so she didn't take her pictures with the characters but Catherine did! I tell you we had great snacks too, the gingerbread cookies were AWESOME! So the brunch lasted for about an hour and during that time all the little girls got to learn to do Clara's dance, with Clara! Samantha didn't want to dance but Cat was all about learning to do ballet! Many of the ballerinas tried to get Samantha out there to dance but she was too shy!

So after wards we headed to our seats, and all the sugar was kicking in with my girls and they were like Mom I can't sit still LOL! So the ballet started and it was amazing to see my girls faces. This is the first time they have been to a live ballet before, and it was very impressive.

The props were wonderful, and even though the characters didn't speak, it was easy for the girls to follow along. I think they were impressed with the costumes. I know I was impressed with the dancing and the costumes. I think this has to be my favorite ballet in the world!
See the excitement on Sam's face! The ballet was about 2 hours long, and it had an intermission, which was pretty cool to partake in something that elegant! So I want to send a thank you to Thom Little and the Greensboro Ballet!


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