Email Etiquette?! Am I guilty?

So as I sit here and blog this, I am wondering, "am I following the rules of email etiquette?" I try to, but not sure. The reason I am writing this, is because I send an email to a person and I don't get a reply. Not a yes or acknowledgement that you read my email. That bothers me, because how do I know if you got this email or not, am I not that important for you to reply?

Is it rude of me to send another email?  Also what is the time frame you reply back to people in an email?

I don't want to bother that person but a "ok" or "cool" or "great" something to let me know you got that email. You know I try my best to answer all the personal emails I get, I may get a few that looks like spam, and I am truly sorry if I don't reply, but I do try to reply. So it got me to thinking I need to review the rules of email etiquette.

I have researched the web and found some interesting etiquette that I will post here. So I have posted two different websites below that discuss email etiquette. I have highlighted in bold what I think is IMPORTANT! I didn't know !!! or ??? was considered rude (WOW)

So from 101 Email Etiquette Information has tips below to keep you posh and up-to-date on email etiquette:

Make sure your e-mail includes a courteous greeting and closing. Helps to make your e-mail not seem demanding or terse. Address your contact with the appropriate level of formality and make sure you spelled their name correctly. Spell check - emails with typos are simply not taken as seriously. Read your email out loud to ensure the tone is that which you desire. Try to avoid relying on formatting for emphasis; rather choose the words that reflect your meaning instead. A few additions of the words "please" and "thank you" go a long way! Be sure you are including all relevant details or information necessary to understand your request or point of view. Generalities can many times causing confusion and unnecessary back and forths.
Are you using proper sentence structure? First word capitalized with appropriate punctuation? Multiple instances of !!! or ??? are perceived as rude or condescending. If your email is emotionally charged, walk away from the computer and wait to reply. Review the Sender's email again so that you are sure you are not reading anything into the email that simply isn't there.  Type in complete sentences. To type random phrases or cryptic thoughts does not lend to clear communication.  Never assume the intent of an email. If you are not sure -- ask so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Just because someone doesn't ask for a response doesn't mean you ignore them. Always acknowledge emails from those you know in a timely manner.

Be sure the Subject: field accurately reflects the content of your email. Don't hesitate to say thank you, how are you, or appreciate your help! Keep emails brief and to the point. Save long conversations for the old fashioned telephone. Always end your emails with "Thank you," "Sincerely," "Take it easy," "Best regards" - something!

Formatting Emails
Do not type in all caps. That's yelling or reflects shouting emphasis. If you bold your type, know you are bolding your statement and it will be taken that way by the other side - X10!  Do not use patterned backgrounds. Makes your email harder to read.  Stay away from fancy-schmancy fonts -- only the standard fonts are on all computers. Use emoticons sparingly to ensure your tone and intent are clear. Typing your emails in all small case gives the perception of lack of education or laziness. Refrain from using multiple font colors in one email. It makes your email harder to view and can add to your intent being misinterpreted.
Use formatting sparingly. Instead try to rely on choosing the most accurate words possible to reflect your tone and avoid misunderstandings in the process.

101 Email Etiquette Information Tips, © Copyright 2011 | All World Rights Reserved,

From Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab here is what they have to say:

What are some guides for continuing email conversations?

Once you have exchanged emails with a person on a given subject, it is probably OK to leave greetings out of your follow-up emails. Here are some other points to consider about continuing conversations over email:
  • Try to respond within a reasonable time frame, though "reasonable" will depend on the recipient's expectations and the subject being discussed
  • Trim back the old messages: most email clients will keep copying older messages to the bottom of an email. Delete older messages so as to keep your message size from getting too large, and to keep your messages looking clean.

Well readers what do you think?


  1. I usually wait about 2 days, depending on what the person's job is [how busy they tend to be] and the urgency of the email that I sent out. If I still don't get a response, I usually send a follow-up email saying something along the lines of:

    Dear So and So,

    I am just emailing to confirm that we are scheduled to meet at such and such a time [if it's about scheduling a meeting]


    I just wanted to touch base and make sure we are on the same page regarding [insert what the last email was about in a brief sentence or two].

    Any assistance is appreciated at your convenience. // OR I look forward to touching base soon // OR I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    So and So

    These usually work, depending on the position of the person I am emailing. I send out/receive SO many emails, so I hope this helps :)

  2. Thanks I will give that person a day or two to respond !


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