Renter's Insurance while living on Post

So let me give you a story when we lived in KS of why I decided to get renter's insurance.

So we lived in Burnside Heights in Fort Riley. The apartments were 8 in a building, 4 upstairs 4 downstairs. They were all connected to each other. Thankfully it wasn't my house that caught fire, or my apartment building, but it was a friend of a friend. She left her stove unattended, she lived upstairs. Her kitchen caught fire, burned through to the first floor and just did a lot of damage and structural damage. It damaged the entire half of the building, with the water from the fire trucks and smoke.

So I was like ehh no big deal, well no it was a HUGE deal. The military found her negligent and put her out of her house. Since it was her fault she had to pay the damages which was like 100,000 or so worth of damages. I made sure to add for structural damage too.

Since she didn't have renter's insurance she lost everything. It was a huge mess, I felt so bad for her and her child. So that's when I decided to get renter's insurance, and it doesn't cost much, but at least I know I have my insurance so if something happens we can get it recovered.

Just for your information, Picerne has renters insurance on all their homes now and it has increased to $20,000.


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