Blue Star Families Event at Cross Creek Mall

Operation Appreciation Event in the Ft Bragg Area!

So OK it was a BEAUTIFUL day, the wind wasn't that bad at my house. I had everything in the car ready to go and my girls dressed. So excited to get to hold this event at the mall, and meet Jordan from Cherry Point. She is my sister, (from another mother) she is exactly like me, I mean we even talk the same like sailors, hahah! I was so impressed she drove all the way here to help me out!  Jordan let me know I will come to Cherry Point to help you out!
Melissa P came and brought her daugther and helped me out. I was so excited that I had so much support, it just floored me, she even saved the day with a few things from her car to make the tablescape better. She is really helping the chapter get off the ground, she is such a good net-worker with people and getting things going, I get nervous when talking to people and asking for things, maybe I need to just get over that fear!

The day started at noon, and the Pledge was read and the Star Spangled Banner was sang, and then they announced me as the Blue Star Chapter Director and as Army Spouse of the Year 2011 by Military Spouse Magazine! So excited I got to walk in front, and people clapped! OMG WOW! They are clapping for me...ok so I am grinning really hard now, hard to contain my smile!

So we started, then my youngest daugther wanted to climb the rock wall, so she did and she LOVED it! So between her climbing everyone came and got a picture with ME, with me! I was like OMG you want to take a picture with me, so I had like four radio personalities take their photos with me, I even got a cute Rock 103 shirt, and great Q98 calendars to hand out! Man are you talking about me feeling like a super star! I had my picture taken with the Mayor of Fayetteville and wow I just felt so honored. People coming up to shake my hand and thank me for my hard work! Just amazing so I felt really honored people wanted to meet me, so it was easy for me to ask for their support in writing letters to family members. They asked how did I do it as a Army wife, and how did I get nominated for the Army Spouse of the Year and how is the process. I told them that Military Spouse Magazine is a great magazine for spouses who want to know or need to connect with other spouses. I tell you what staying busy and volunteering helps pass the time away.

I was even asked to be on a local radio show! So the event was wonderful! We got tons of letters for Operation Appreciation, and everyone who stopped by the table had a wonderful time.We were also mention on News Channel 14, I even got to mention my award as Army Spouse of 2011 by Military Spouse Magazine.

Then Pauline one of my volunteers drove from Raleigh to help out! I was so excited that she came to help out, it is amazing to see the support from people, I love it, and I love my volunteers!

See the wonderful team! Blue Star Families ROCK! I want to thank Cross Creek Mall for having the event, News Channel 14, Rock 103 and Q98 for talking about us on the TV and radio. I want to send a special thank you to Melissa, Jordan and Pauline and their kids for helping me out! With out you I couldn't have done this!

I will post a few of the letters what we got later!


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