All this Defense Budget Talks what is trickles down to for me.

Here is what I think it means for me as a military wife. More STRESS. These budget cuts all look great on paper however it is affecting us at the lowest level. All the programs they want to cut that help military families survive. It is great there are some Congressmen and women who are prior military, I am so happy we are getting some folks up there than can relate to us. However we need more, or we need the ones who are not connected to the military to have a caucus of a military family on their team to know how it affects them.

First of all, I will never get use to the cycle of home for a year deployed for a year. When the troops are home for a year, they are still training, so really are they home? Time to de-stress? I have been married for 10 years, the war started after 9-11, and for the rest of our married lives it has been through deployments, trainings to California and Louisiana, trainings at the local bases we have been stationed at. It really adds up.

Don't get me started on the mental stability it has had on both of us. We have both changed, my husband has been blown up, stabbed and Lord knows what else. He has changed, I have changed. We are changing together, and striving to stay together. I have this constant thing hanging over my head called LOOMING DEPLOYMENT. You never know when it will tear your family apart again. With my luck things hardly ever happen when my husband is home, however the minute he steps onto a military plane, something catastrophic happens at my house (the washer breaks, the car breaks, one of the kids gets sick) I think it is call "Newton's Deployment Law. My husband has lost sight of what I think is important to family. These wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused a lot of people to grow up faster than what they need to, I think with everything my husband has seen over there, he has aged quicker. 

You know I really truly want a career, I hate to think I wasted all this loan money for nothing. I am about to graduate with my Master's degree and when my husband deploys I become the single parent again. I handle all the responsibility, and you know my children are getting to the age where they want to do things like soccer, cheer leading, karate and I don't want to deprive them because I am exhausted. My husband has not really connected to his children, sure they love and hug him. However when he is gone for more than a day, they all ask is "Daddy in Iraq"? When is he leaving again? Wow I don't want him to go.

So my point is, please please don't cut programs or policies that affect us as a military family from equipment to school programs, it ultimately affects us at the lowest level.


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