This Valentine's Day hubby was home

So last year, hubby was gone, this year hubby was home. It was nice to have him home. Never the less he isn't the most romantic man in the world, but this year our oldest helped daddy pick out really cute items! Did I mention I got them first thing in the morning, not waiting until valentine's afternoon to get them! Major brownie points.

We had a great time, except all three of the kids are sick and running fevers. Which meant yesterday after getting off from my internship, I was running all over town to take them to the pediatrician. After coming home to drop them off with their dad, I had to run back to the pharmacy to pick up their medicine. Just say my car wheels didn't stop until 8 last night! My husband and I had a semi romantic Japanese dinner. So all an all it was a great day! I am glad to have enjoyed it with my family.


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